Issues teenagers face

Why do teenagers have to face problems with acne?

Acne is one of the main problems of adolescents: pimples and blackheads occur in complex and many, especially since adolescence is a time when confidence is the highest. However, there are now effective solutions that prevent adolescents suffer from acne. So why are faced with the problems of teenage acne?

You should know that acne is a skin disease, skin disease that affects about 80% of adolescents and may occur at the age of 11 or 12 years. To be further detailed, acne affected the hair follicle, the root of our hair, where the sebaceous glands that produce sebum known, oily substance that keeps skin hydrated and prevent dehydration. At the age of puberty, the changes that occur and the production of sebum is affected.

Three reasons for acne and pimples. First, it can be excreted too many sebum in the follicle. Then it can be blocked follicles of different reasons. Finally, the growth of bacteria inside the follicle. These 3 factors can be mutual and display at the similar time, but the piece of information is that male sex hormones called androgen's fuel the sebaceous glands in excess of and cause unwarranted production of sebum that flows to the skin and gives an oily appearance. The channel can then be found congested or overloaded sockets and pores. The result is clear: the comedo, or blackhead, or even a microcyst appears white. Inflammation may then develop into hair follicles and cause an infection, which leads to different buttons: pimples, papules, and nodes.

Skin acne can be due to stress, which explains the many evils, but heritage plays an important role. However, anti-acne solutions do exist and provide excellent results, and therefore, it is worthwhile to seek advice from a dermatologist as soon as possible epidemic, which were prescribed the proper treatment. Unusual acne treatments are probable, but each of them corresponding to different types of skin and acne, which is the reason why the opinion of the dermatologist is crucial because it can provide local retinoids for acne marked, or antibiotics or benzoyl peroxide for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory clean the surface. Generally, these treatments every three months, but for severe acne, treatment is more difficult and demanding (among other things, sensitivity to light ..), but also to ensure that 99% of profits. Then it's time to the conclusion the skin as of acne and gets rid of unpleasant buttons. As for scars, lasers can be very effective, but requires a long recovery, at least one month. Recommended for scars.