How To Get Of Acne

How to treat acne and rid

The Internet is full of products most of which claim to have the solution on how to treat acne and get rid of them permanently, but they usually have one thing in common, is to take your money for some products they have probably never tried. Natural remedies listed below have helped thousands including myself of how to treat acne and rid even severe.

1 - orange zest
The orange peel is a wonderful remedy that helps treat acne. I use it because oranges are in abundance in almost any local supermarket. Take an orange peel after peel shred, mix with a mild soap for face or even with water. Leave the paste on your face for thirty minutes. but be careful not to rub your face as this will irritate your skin.

2 - Tea Tree Oil Melaleuca Australian e Auriginaire

Our ancestors used the leaves of this tree for millennia. They crush the leaves and prepare herbal teas or inhaled to treat colds and coughs mostly. External application they use to treat infections of the skin.

Scientists studying the first time the tea tree oil in 1923. They found the great antiseptic in the treatment of certain infectious diseases, especially fungal infections, vaginal candidiasis, acne and warts.

Go to health food stores and ask local natural tea tree oil (Melaleuca). The good is that tea tree oil has anti-bacterial that it helps treat acne with besides it is my favorite remedy lol. First apply a hot towel to open pores. Then, use tea tree oil on the acne infected area. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse face with warm water.

The Witch Hazel

This last treatment will be used to replace the existing ink you use on the face. The witch hazel is an excerpt from a shrub in North America. See you in a food store and buy witch hazel with lavender and dried them and then apply the mixture r on the face once or twice a day. I suggest to add the lavender because of its soothing not to mention the soothing aroma. Please Note that if you take prescription medication please consult your doctor because it may affect how other medicines.

Dear acne sufferers, I mentioned some steps that will greatly solve your acne problem, but I have not included the complete solution on how to treat acne and rid that will produce a drastic reduction or even the Elimination of your acne.