Constipation in children treatment


Constipation in young children

Constipation is a problem many parents come with. And it can be hard to see when your little kids are struggling as tears bounce to move his bowels. Often, changes in diets of the child there is to it.

The child may have "constipation" if
a stool comes with more than 2-3 days of space, or
it is big and hard and the child has discomfort in connection with the feces, or stool comes many times every day, maybe even wet, or
baby farts a lot.

Not constipation with milk
Initially, the child would like stool for each meal. Feces are usually mustard and when foaming, but this is not diarrhea. Later, it will be more ointment-like and comes something rare. After a while, it may take several days or a week or more between each time the child has bowel movements. When the stool comes, it is still soft and cream-like. This child does not have constipation, but has a digestive which is quite normal for mother's milk closely children.

The infant will usually not constipation unless the mother's milk received compensation, either in combination with the breast milk or alone, or later when the child gets solid food. There are a few disease states in the intestine that can lead to constipation. These think we are always on whether a child has significant problems with constipation. The most common explanation is still to be found in the diet.
Prevent Further dietary advice

For infants born to mother's milk can also:
  • 1 teskei malt extracted per bottle of milk, or may be reduced slightly if the child has daily bowel movements with soft consistency.
  • Prune juice can also be used.
For children receiving mixed nutrition (dairy, dinner, porridge and bread):
  • Use a lot of vegetables and fruits (except bananas).
  • Use wholemeal bread with bran and whole grains, if you Baker himself.
  • The minimum possible sweet milk products or foods of sweet milk. 5-6 cups of milk are enough when your child gets mixed nutrition. Go to the sour milk option when your child comes up in one year of age.
  • Give your child water as refreshments.
  • Encourage physical activity.
Treatment of constipation / constipation
If the child has the little stool and intestines are full of hard nodules, uses it with no preventive measures alone. In addition, the bowel emptied with one or more klyx (small enema) and feces may have a period done with the soft laxatives. You must talk to your doctor about health.

Do you tend to your child has constipation, you should take this seriously? Long-term problems can go on well-being of the child and creates fear of going to the toilet. It is therefore, important to prevent this with good diet and activity. If this is not enough, contact the clinic.