Metabolic disorders - hypothyroidism

Hormone system:

Thyroid Diseases with too little thyroid, hypothyroidism

Causes of hypothyroidism
The most common cause of hypothyroidism is the body's defense suddenly (and we have no idea why!) Bearing substances (antibodies) that attack the thyroid gland. The disease called Hashimoto's thyroid inflammation.

The disease destroys the thyroid gland so much that it fails to make enough thyroxine. It is mostly women who have Hashimoto's thyroid inflammation. Most are over 50 years.

In other parts of the world is lack of iodine in food and beverages, common cause of hypothyroidism. Iodine is in fact necessary to make thyroxine. There is no iodine deficiency. In some places, too much iodine in food and drink lead to disease of the thyroid gland.

Signs of hypothyroidism
Everything is slow: Hypothyroidism is also known as hypothyroidism. When it gets too little thyroxine in the blood, everything is slow. They simply can not do much, and your mind is slow. A person with hypothyroidism can sit for hours looking at a desk she should clean without getting started. Arms and legs working, but the measure and the energy is gone. Many people have difficulty concentrating, and memory may be poor. The body does not produce enough heat, so one begins to freeze. The intestines are working slowly and it leads to constipation. It is normal to gain weight because the metabolism of nutrients is slow. The skin becomes dry and thick and some loss of hair. The heart beats slowly.