Emotional Development in Adolescence

Landmarks in the emotional development of adolescents

During childhood, the main stages of emotional development are:

From birth to eight months, a link is created through exclusive breastfeeding and care between mother and child. It is a phase called symbiotic relationship. There is yet no differentiation between mother and child, the child tries to merge with his mother at eight months, the link between the child and said mother. The child will be attached to an emotional subject. To 2 years, children, mentally integrating the emotional subject, will be able to live without immediate physical proximity with the object. From 3 years, the child will set his love object to the parent of the opposite sex and the resolution of the Oedipal conflict by agreeing to give up the object of love and acceptance to identify the person's own sex; it will start to set up his possessed psychosexual identity. Between 3 and five years, the child enters the phase of socialization. At 6 years old, is the lag phase, the Oedipal conflict is forced to look to the attention of the world. In case of difficulties, it may be useful to consult a good psychiatrist.

At puberty, there is the revival of conflict, the young will rediscover his body with all the bodily disturbance that will appear. We understand that at this point, the mother does most care. It is the young to be able to make himself the answers to their needs. So we have to relearn a body to be capable of give what it needs. If this is not yet able, he will expect others to meet their needs.

The teenager will seek to discover new ways and will constantly seek the approval of its object either emotional (mother and father), but his peers. This is the time of conformism dress because you have to be approved by the community. It is impossible to ask him to do otherwise than the others because he is too afraid to be different.

Upon entering puberty, a succession of phases through during childhood is taken by the young in a new way.

To 15/16 years, he can exist without being emotional. It is a phase separation, individuation from his peers and his parents. He begins to lie facing his comrades. He discovers his identity as a man or woman, his wealth, his motives.

The boy as well discovers his love life. It can also live in anxiety attacks. There is a great emotional dependence on the object (in love and friendship) gradually move towards personal choices that match the sense that he wants to give his life.