Alternative Medicine Definition

Herbal medicine: what is it?

Still too little known, however, herbal medicine is gaining ground in the medical field. Indeed, herbal medicine means a natural medicine, based on plant extracts and their innate active ingredients. Herbal medicine is divided into three main practices. The first, called traditional herbal medicine, often very old, is an herbal medicine based on the use of plants, whose virtues were discovered empirically.

This herbal medicine is a non-conventional medicine (lack of clinical studies) generally practiced in developing countries.

The second is an herbal medicine based on scientific evidence concerning the active extracts in plants. This herbal medicine often results in the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs, or even herbal.

The third, herbal prophylaxis, used since ancient times, herbal medicine consisting of a balanced diet, with some active elements (chives, garlic, etc.). Contrary to what one might think, modern medicine and herbal medicine are very close, except of course in the case of genetic geniuses or synthetic chemical preparations. In addition, there are different methods of use of herbal medicine. Indeed, we have herbal tea; herbal method is probably the best-known and most practiced, which consists of the removal of a specific part of a plant (dried or not) which is deposited in whole or ground in a sachet to achieve a tea infusion, maceration or decoction.

We also powder and capsules, herbal medicine modern method, especially for powders, since they are obtained via a conventional milling or via a cryogenic grinding. Thereafter, they may be packaged in capsule form, but not only. We also have an herbal medicine obtained by an extraction technique, which allows a paste form, liquid or powdered concentrate of active ingredients.

Finally, we have other methods of herbal medicine more open (not just the field of herbal medicine), such as homeopathic tinctures, oral blisters, and essential oils (aromatheraphie). The achievement of its products is easy, whether it's in pharmacy, or on the web (herbal medicine shops)

To conclude this article, it is important to note that this is not because herbal medicine is based on plants, it is safe, and that we must make use anarchy. Indeed, some plants are composed of extremely powerful active ingredients, or toxic. Herbal medicine is a medicine in itself, can be dangerous.