Good acne tips

3 tips effective against acne: water vapor, ice, toothpaste

For many of the people who have problems with acne, dry skin is an effective method even if it is temporary because the acne always ends up coming back. Overall treatment time is required to use, from time to time only, methods of drying. There are many tricks that work more or less depending on the type of acne and the severity of inflammation. They consist mainly dry, but also to use hot and cold.

If it is not advisable to self-extractions or incisions of acne, the acne dry, use hot or cold, are often the only options to just have mild acne that does not benefit from treatment medical, that is, a large proportion of people with skin problems. This treatment "house" which does not abuse the risk of damaging your skin.

Heat: steam bath against acne

Instead of trying constantly to dry their skin imperfections, more and more people who suffer from acne use a natural method, simple and harmless to be clogged pores and excess oil that causes the appearance of pustules: the steam bath.

The steam can be taken locally to face with a camera or carrying water to a boil, then placing his face over a bowl with a towel around the head so as not to have loss of water vapor. It is advisable to stir the water and not boil it, not to stay further than 3 to 5 minutes above the container, add any product and do not repeat more than 2 to three times a week.

The steam bath has the effect of dilating the pores of the skin and promoting the evacuation of sebum instead of seeing the clogged pores. A very similar effect is obtained with steam room sessions. The acne-prone skin is cleaned and sometimes more effectively than some products, too abrasive or poor efficiency.

The cold ice cubes against acne

Unlike water vapor, the cold will tighten pores and oily skin suffering from acne. Ice cubes are another natural method used against excess sebum but unlike steam bath, a method is not completely harmless.

The first precaution is not to apply the ice directly on the skin. The second precaution is to wait at least 48 hours after any steam. The third precaution with the ice against acne is to use locally especially if they face.

The method is not effective at acne pustules, but many people attest to its effectiveness on the general appearance of the skin, including clogged pores, which cause the so-called black spots.

Toothpaste against acne

In general, it is best to use products specifically designed for dermatological use rather than make your own remedies uncertainties that may cause side effects or using other products that are not intended to be applied on the skin.

Toothpaste is the method of drying acne the best known. It is considered by many as a remedy against the pustules, a problem against which the water vapor and ice are not very helpful.

The toothpaste should be applied very locally with a cotton and not the finger. It should not, ideally, be left on the skin for more than a few hours. It is advisable to do a test before you leave on overnight.