Pain after breast augmentation

All about breast augmentation

Have well-proportioned breasts is a normal desire, and this can exacerbate her femininity.

The surgery can treat breast hypotrophy with breast augmentation with implants.

Breast augmentation by prosthesis can increase breast size by the insertion of breast implants under the gland or the pectoralis major muscle. This is an act of cosmetic surgery that is not supported.

Breast augmentation is an effective technique that can be specified either in the case of breast hypotrophy of primary or secondary to pregnancy.

Breast implants are made ​​of a silicone shell that can be micro texture and macro texture. They are fulfilled in most cases silicone gel has a consistency very natural.

The breast augmentation surgery is an effective intervention that lasts about two hours under general anesthesia.

There are three surgical approaches possible:
The way lower hemi-areolar: It can cleave the gland and is often very discreet.

The axillary approach: The incision is made with the arm, there is no scar on the breast.

The path under the breast: The incision is made in the crease under the breast; it is indicated in cases of ptosis.

The lodge implantation is an essential element; the prosthesis can be either retroglandulaire, either pure or in retromusculaire Dual Plane (semi retropectoral)
The latter technique and the advantages of both previous techniques without its drawbacks.

The procedure is painless if the implant is placed behind the gland, more painful if it is placed behind the muscle.

Modeling the dressing and drains are removed the next day.
Wearing a bra is necessary adapted for two weeks.

The chest is often a little swollen (edema). It takes about one month to three months so that it acquires its final size and shape.