How to get smooth hair

By what miracle will smooth the hair and avoid damaging them?

Do you like to smooth the hair from time to time?

Taking care of hair, it's still kind of like to protect against the development of cancer or trying to lose weight: it is fundamental, however, cannot do anything stupid.

The smoothness of your hair needs to be worked vigilantly to prevent you end up with damaged hair on the head before forty.

1) Do not use the straightener

It seems essential to focus first a blow dryer, or even better if you can, let them dry on their own. Then, when they are almost dry, you use a straightener. This technique is essential to follow because the hair straightener cream wet. It may well make the follicle sec. Only quality materials will allow you to use it merely every 3-4 days rather than everyday.

2) Choose a professional equipment

The smoother should be chosen with great vigilance: you are aware that a straightener € 30 can impoverish and dry hair. It is appropriate in this situation, to choose a professional straightener, including the impact on your hair will become less violent. Choose a straightener with ceramic plates and do not dry the hair.

3) Combine with hair care

Overall, it remains fundamental to take care of his hair regularly. When smooth her hair, it goes without saying that the shampoo is vital to offset the impact of questionable smoother. A treatment will soften them, feed them and make them more vivid.