How to minimize acne

Some tips how to minimize acne crisis

If you have problems with acne, it is sometimes hard to know what you can and cannot do to avoid these potential crises. In fact, there are really effective products to combat acne, but what many people forget that there are many preventive measures you can take to minimize the future risk of acne ...

Avoid the sun

You've probably noticed when you expose your skin to the sun, it seems that your acne problems are shrinking. However, once you expose yourself to a little less acne best regrowth and generally more important than ever.

That's because the sun rays to clog pore and prevent leakage of sebum naturally, resulting in an increase in acne.

To avoid this, always a cap or hat in the sun.

Eat Healthy

Although unable to demonstrate the link between poor diet and acne, we must recognize that a healthy and balanced diet certainly cannot hurt. So, to avoid too much fatty foods or as well salty and take care of your body if you do not have also much trouble with acne.

Be Active

As a teenager, acne is mainly due to increase in employment of sex hormones. Outside, it was shown that vigorous exercise sport can be precisely regulated increases in hormones.

Make sure you play sports regularly, and what to keep your body naturally reduce acne assembly.


To avoid too many problems with acne, it is not necessary to use a suitable product, but you will live healthier and conscience in order to limit future growth of acne!