What causes back acne

Some facts about acne back

This is probably a combination of these three, which means that there is nothing to do to prevent acne if you encounter on your route. However, once you get it, because the skin on the face is quite thin, so it is easy to wash your face thoroughly, antibiotics, anti-acne creams (such as Differin) cream retinoids (e.g. Retin-A), or other natural treatments for acne ( toothpaste?) usually suffice.

Nevertheless, what to do when you're attacked by acne on your back?

Even if the back acne is not necessarily as visible as acne, it can certainly be devastating disease and uncomfortable. Here are some reasons why, if you are prone to acne, can be affected by the back:
  • Your back is complex to clean, particularly if you sweat more, might suffer from your pores, clogging and infection.
  • In adding up, the skin is thicker, making the acne, tough and difficult to treat.
  • In addition, there are more sebaceous glands on the back, than anywhere else in the body when your body produces too many sebum is back to how it will look like.
  • Wearing tight clothing can aggravate existing acne pimples and friction cause infection.
  • Buttons on the back are generally not small. They are often large pustules and cysts, eventually painful and oozing.
  • Acne can back up on his shoulders, arms or buttocks. Perhaps it has to be a summer wardrobe is complete darkness. No tank tops and swim wear, and if the opportunity to go to bathe in the spirit to leave as soon as possible.
  • If you have back acne you probably do not want anyone to see, let alone feel, and it can make sex uncomfortable.
  • Back acne can be very uncomfortable physically. Especially if you wear something tight that you rub your button you experience serious problems, not to talk about the odds of bleeding or push on clothing.