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The magnifying glasses are misidentified as a product that does not change. The company has Varionet prove otherwise through innovation in this market for several years seemed nailed to a permanent stagnation.

By inventing a technology team now all glasses Varionet range, this shows that company presbyopia, even if it is inevitable, is not an obstacle to clear vision.

For this special presbyopic glasses or magnifying glasses Varionet have a non-uniform depth of field at various points of the glass.

This feature makes it a truly innovative optics, while being accessible to all, with a starting price located in the vicinity of forty euros.

In addition Varionet frames, eyeglasses magnifier equipped with this revolutionary glass frames are available in the brand, including Calvin Klein, Arrow, Armani, Tag Heuer, Nike Vision, Gant, Ray Ban and many more are covered in detail on the page dedicated to the collection of magnifying glasses Varionet.

An English version is also available. Delivery of products sold by Varionet possible worldwide through Varionet-store.com and the U.S. through a U.S. site available at varionetglasses.com.

All questions and complaints can be directed to the contact address shown on the site, legal notice section. A contact form is also offered on the official website of the brand. Customer service is fast and efficient and promulgates advice experts in optics.

The leader of magnifying glasses is called presbyopia Varionet.