Organic foods to eat

Organic food to eat differently

When you think bio-products , natural or healthy for your health, we immediately think of the farmer closer to home, with local produce certified organic farming: at home, you will find all the usual items like our carrots, our potatoes land or our usual endives.

But other less known food can replace them, especially the beat: this is the case of Spirulina, oat bran or pomegranate juice.

Spirulina is a blue green algae found initially in the countries of South America and Africa. Once harvested and dried, Spirulina is an excellent complement to a natural diet. It can be consumed in powder form in any meal, by simply sprinkling your usual food (salads, stews, juices ,...). Spirulina is also found in capsules.

What is the strength of this algae is its natural properties: the Spirulina , and found 70% protein, all the B vitamins that exist, a strong presence of various carotenoids (like beta-carotene carrots in particular) and an excellent source of iron and omega 6. In other words, Spirulina is an excellent food intake and body health every day.

Oat bran
Again, this is a food unknown, despite its popularization with the regime Dunkan.

The oat bran is rich in fiber as well as pectin. This food will thus absorb fats and sugars contained in what we consume on a daily basis, and will be discharged directly from the stool. In this step, calories are not stored in the body and are discharged into the feces.

In other words, oat bran is an excellent asset thin as you can continue to eat normally and avoid weight gain with food too greasy or too sweet.

Pomegranate juice
Finally, one can speak of a little known fruit juices: pomegranate juice. Even if we begin to find it in supermarkets, few people know its taste and its virtues.

For one thing, the Pomegranate juice is a natural fruit juice with a great taste and fresh, so it can fully replace the orange juice or apple juice in small as in great.

But his asset is its impact on health: a strong anti-oxidant, so anti-aging on the body, a beneficial effect to slow down and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and a great way to reduce the risk of cancer. In short: 3 assets for a tasty fruit juice.