What to eat when trying to lose weight

Eat and lose weight

Were you aware that you can actually lose more weight by eating instead of starving to death? This is absolutely true, the reason is that ultimately all plans will be completed and you will hop back to a regular diet again. There is a major problem with that however, I will discuss. As I will explain how to eat to lose weight and never look back.

So why most diets fail to lose weight?

The reason for this is that most plans do not include how the person will eat after the end of it and especially those most diets actually fail after you're done.

What I mean by that is that most focus on low-calorie diets and what will happen as a result is that your metabolism also slows down to adapt.

When you finally stop this restrictive diet your metabolism will not increase immediately of course, and you begin to eat as if all goes well, NO! Your body needs several weeks to restore the balance, the problem now is that most people stuff themselves or at least have a normal diet but your body can not catch up because of slowed metabolism and therefore you pack the pounds faster which you have ever had!

How can I eat to lose weight permanently?

Fortunately, there is a way of eating that will help you actually consume a good amount every day and burn. This method is known as transfer calorie diet is unique in that its goal is the entire boost your metabolism and not to avoid calories. By doing this you avoid weight gain completely after finishing the diet, that is the rebound effect. Due to the transfer of heat it is not difficult to do and focus on boosting your metabolism by eating food, you get better results than any other permanent diet based on low calories.