Zumba and Weight Loss

Zumba for weight loss: Zumba principles, Zumba advantages, Zumbad is advantages

Zumba is a dance aerobics to lose weight and keep fit has become popular everywhere. Discover the advantages and disadvantages.

Zumba is a dance choreography made ​​simple (often 4 or five repetitions of maximum movement) to lose weight and stay fit.

The famous American stars coach Alberto "Beto" Perez (aerobics teacher and dancer of Colombian origin) created by chance this way of fitness in 1986 (see the history of the inadvertent creation of this dance in the "Did you know?" at the bottom of page). He brought from the United States, with two associates. Together they created a company went international in 2007. In 2008, the company (called Zumba Fitness LLC) released the third DVD collection.


Rapid heartbeats, slow rhythms and resistance training (resistance exercise is used to develop strength and size of skeletal muscles), with a Latin flavor (the dancers listen to salsa, merengue or flamenco), are used to "spice up" your workout when you dance to Zumba. Proponents of this dance proclaim that it is a fun and effective aerobic training for, among others, to lose weight. Furthermore, read our advice to women to keep quarantine and health form.

This dance is performed in a manner similar to interval training (fast and slow rhythms that cross) . The rhythms are slow periods of rest. This type of training is known to burn more calories and increase the body's metabolism for hours after exercise.

Zumba is a great cardiovascular activity. The body is always changing, making it, dancing in rhythmic cadence. This causes a high caloric expenditure, which melts the fat. Consider the fact that there is little time for recovery and that the body has no choice but to burn many calories.

Zumba classes a burned between 500 and 800 calories! Of course, you can burn more or less depending on the intensity of your dancing or your fitness level. Your dance instructor will work with you for best results and quickly.

Part of the exercise of this dance involves adding weight. Duty support weights increase energy expenditure while toning and strengthening muscles. The muscular system becomes metabolically very active, so will cause a total expenditure of calories to lose weight.

Zumba is becoming increasingly popular. Courses, taught by certified instructors and available in fitness centers (Fitness First, etc....), Open everywhere. And you're likely to find a center near you now to practice this dance, if you want to get rid of extra pounds in a fun and keep your form, in addition to following a healthy balanced diet.

Zumba dance can actually lose weight as long as you practice at least three times a week (taking courses if possible, to make sure you do the movements properly and to increase the fun), and that you adopt a healthy diet next.

This dance can also help you lose weight because it increases the discipline. When an exercise routine becomes routine and when people have fun when they practice it, it is positively rubbed off on other aspects of life that can increase weight loss, as a regime.

Instructors but also other participants in Zumba classes can give you support. Some instructors offer a written guide filled with tips and strategies to maximize your weight loss while practicing this dance.

In most cases, conventional physical exercise can be boring (especially after some time of practice). This boredom can aggravate over time and cause the abandonment of the exercises. This is where Zumba is distinctive. This dance wants to be different from traditional aerobics classes, giving practitioners want to do more. When an exercise is fun and interesting, the enrollment rate goes up and down the weight.

Fans of this dance fitness say that this dance releases inhibitions, sharpens the mind, strengthens the abs. This dance also increases endurance st bone density, improves balance and muscle toning. Fat mass decreases in the body and blood pressure.

First, look for Zumba classes available in your area. Then, rearrange your schedule to attend classes regularly each week (try to do 2 to four sessions per week).

Remember to have fun during the course to achieve the best workout possible. More you express yourself physically; you will use more energy, further and your movements will strengthen your body.

Stay aware of your exercise intensity when you take a course. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being "I just climb Everest," your intensity level should not exceed 8 or drop below 3.

Dance regularly to feel more confident and more positive in your movements, and also to create the calorie deficit by burning more energy each week. Depending on the intensity with which you dance Zumba, you will burn between 500 and 800 calories per class. If you make four classes, a week and spend an average of 600 calories per class, you will lose more than one kg of fat after one month. And if you modify your diet in parallel, you will lose even more weight.

Intensify during the intervals between sharpening the differences between a choreography quicker and more explosive choreography, not against the slower and softer. When dancing to a song suitable for a slow motion intensity, make sure to leave your heart rate to slow, and when your instructor begins to make rapid strides to increase in intensity, follow his rhythm.

Add resistance training to your fitness program by dance Zumba every week to make more progress in your weight loss. Building more muscle will help your body to function with greater efficiency, and help you make dancing movements more fluid and powerful.

Remember that this dance can be performed with little or no impact, so ask your instructor to give you suggestions if you prefer not to bounce or skip. Wear a pair of shoes designed for fitness dance when you go to Zumba classes.

As with all systems of physical training, the will and sense of involvement are inherently required to exploit the full potential of the product, you will need a lot of will and commitment to lose weight with Zumba.

If you want to practice this dance at home alone (without going over choreography) , know that there are few music CDs present for Zumba (three official CDs available early 2010). Zumba DVD collections are relatively difficult to find in shops otherwise than by purchasing on the Internet.

This dance is not practical for everyone. To achieve its full potential, it is better to have a minimum of fitness to practice before considering this dance (short time reserved for recovery, many changes of rhythm during exercise).

While following the Zumba classes for weight loss, you should eat the following foods to maximize the amount of calories burned during class:

Vegetables: mix fresh vegetables for variety. Vegetables are full of fiber and help you burn fatter,
Healthy snacks: Do not deprive yourself of good snacks, like nuts (especially almonds), fresh vegetables and dried fruits,

Nuts: almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, etc.... are very good for you. Add more flavor to your salads or yogurt by placing few nuts in it,

Cut Oats: cook still cut oats 25 grams with 170 grams of rice at last (do not worry; it's delicious) to eat for breakfast,

Protein: Protein helps to burn fat. Your body burns more calories to digest protein than any other type of food. Eating protein also prevents muscle loss during dieting to lose weight,

Yoghourts: they will help you lose weight and protect your muscles at the same time. Yogurt is also a simple and convenient snack. Yogurt is as well rich in protein.

Zumba dance was born by accident. Its creator Alberto "Beto" Perez was in the process of teaching an aerobics class in his hometown Cali (Colombia) in 1986 and realized that day that he forgot his usual music (to make aerobics). He subsequently searched his bag and took out cassettes which a mixture of salsa to meringue music, on which he loved to dance (home) . He afterwards said to his students that "the course will be different today." All students had worshiped exercise of this Latin music.

Realizing the success enjoyed this way of exercise, Alberto Perez did popularize Zumba in Bogota (Colombia) before going to Miami (United States). In 1999, two partners joined Alberto Perez to publicize this international dance.

In 2011, it is estimated that over 5 million practicing Zumba and more than 30,000 certified instructors in 75 countries worldwide. The company also sells namesake of music and choreography, a clothing line, Zumba Gold classes tailored to seniors, Zumba Toning classes to strengthen the body using stick's weight that sounds like maracas (percussion instruments created by Indians of Central America, now widespread in the Caribbean and Latin music), ZumAtomic courses designed for children aged between 5 and 12 years.

Zumba is a fun exercise, but will and commitment; most people are likely to spend much money without practicing it fully then.

We all know that a balanced diet of healthy foods and accompanied by a routine of physical exercises are necessary to successfully lose weight safely and stabilize. Zumba dance exercise is part of commendable, but this dance is more suitable for people who are earlier comfortable with the routines of fitness and dance, as it can offer a pleasant change, and they already know they can successfully follow a routine of physical training in dance.

What do you think of Zumba? If you practice, you find that you can lose weight with this dance?