Makeup and beauty tips

Have you ever wondered how best to fix different types of makeup? How do you open your eyes? Or what you should do when you spill mascara in the eye, and tears?

The Body Shop's international makeup artist gives you beauty tips you will love!

We were the makeup artist's top 10 tips:
  • Apply blush or high lighter over the eyebrow for an open and alert eye . This is perfect as part of a natural everyday makeup!
  • Apply mascara only on the upper lashes. This seems a rejuvenating, and takes attention away from any dark circles under the eyes.
  • Use makeup brushes your ways! A blusher brush can, for example, be used for applying lip stain for a natural result.

USE MAKEUP BRUSH IN NEW WAYS: Use blush brush to apply your lip stain for a natural result.

Remember to clean the brush after use!
  • The right products are essential for a successful outcome. Always try makeup before you buy! Make-up does not nøvendigvis same in the face as it does in the package. Get store personnel to help you find the right products and colors for your skin tone.
  • Have the tears tend to roll when applying eye makeup? Do not blink and wave your hand in front of your eyes, it makes it worse! Stay in calm and throat several times. When will the tears stop?
  • Do not be so concerned that the rule should be nice and even when you apply eyeliner. Smear it and blend well for a tinted 'look' .
SMOKE 'LOOK': Do not be afraid to exaggerate with Kajal.
Soft well for a tinted "look"
  • Do you use body oil , you can benefit from dropping the perfume! Most body oils are added to a mild scent, such as The Body Shop's own.
  • Do not have a high lighter? You have probably already in the makeup bag! Bright eye shadow can actually be used as a nice high lighter to highlight.
  • There is no blueprint on how to apply mascara. Try to apply mascara only on the roots of a natural and summery "look."
  • Not sure how to fix make-up? My rule says that you fix dried (for example, powder, bronzer or eye shadow) with wet (such as a facial spray), and that fix soft (such as foundation and concealer) with dry (i.e. powder).