How to use different makeup brushes

Guide: How to add colorful makeup

Pink, turquoise and bright orange: Here are the tricks that give you the season's most eye-catching look.

One of the season's hottest trends, the colorful makeup.

Nuances are Bright, almost neon, and are used both together and separately for striking and vigorous makeup look.

In the video above shows Jan Thomas, you how using two different eye shadows can make a rock look that suits the entire summer.

  • Bright colors are a hot vartrend with shades of the neon colors of eyes, ranging from pink to cobalt blue, says stylist.

How do you?
In this look, he puts first a water-resistant cream shadow.

  • This eye shadow is a stick, which is very convenient. It is easy to do at home, says Jan Thomas.
  • He believes those not only are young people who can use these bright colors.
  • The position of the color is important, he said.

The first shadow is applied by the stick pulled the bottom of the eyelid and along the lash line. Do you have a cream shadow into the liquid form, use a brush for this?

Then you go with a dry eye shadow right over the other.
  • How to "set" man makeup. It is the same as if you have the cream, so we use a dry product above, explains Jan Thomas.

Look goofy out
It is not so important to be careful and steady hand whom this look will look cool.

  • They have to look a little goofy out. They look like someone just threw the makeup on your eyes, says stylist.

One pitfall, however, easy to walk in.

  • A big mistake many women make is that when choosing a makeup like this, one must not go out and find a dress or bag to match. Run either rocking jeans or something in the nude or neutral color. It looks best when choosing a strong color on the islands, according to Jan Thomas.

Under the eye, add either a thick line of eyeliner in the same color that you blend well, or you can use a brush to apply eye shadow under the lower lashes.

Finally, walk over with a broom.

  • Even if I want to intensity of color, I will blend it a little. The most important thing is that if you choose cream shadow, then add all wet products first, and afterwards dry products over, says Jan Thomas.

Here are more tips on how to be cool with colorful makeup:

  • Overkill is scary! If you drive a turquoise eye shadow, it's probably best to keep lip color nude with a transparent gloss or flesh-colored lipstick. Do you want to run the full suite of red lips with bright eye shadow gone, held at least your outfit simple?
  • Choose shades that are the color of your eyes to come forward. Often this will be complementary colors. Complementary color to blue, for example, orange, then blue eyes will be shades of peach; coral and copper could be attractive.
  • Do you think it's a little too much of a good with hot pink, turquoise or orange eye shadow across the lid; you can instead try a bright colored eyeliner, you add the lower rim of the eye. This gives an intense gaze and eye opening.
  • For an extra durable result you might want to add an eye shadow base (primer) over the entire eyelid before applying eye shadow. This helps the shadow last longer, is better looking and not put themselves in stripes.