Tanning skin

Guide: Cheating to summer glow with self-tanning
To get the tan you want without risk of harmful UV rays.

Fortunately, there have been some wonderful days of sunshine in most places in the country so far this summer. But enough to feel that the pale skin has a healthy summer glow? Maybe not. When it's nice to know that there are good aids to cheat a little. Self-tanning creams may provide attractive tan without having to worry about UV rays, cancer and risk of premature skin aging, which are factors you must keep in mind the usual sunbathing and the solarium use.

Do not orange anymore
Many are skeptical about self-tanning creams because they have previously given an orange, uneven color. However, this is no longer. Modern self-tanning products are technologically advanced, and will, with proper application, giving you a smooth and nice glow.

Prepare the skin
Before you start applying it, you might want to Peele skin with a good body scrub. This will remove dead skin cells and make the product easier to apply and that the result will look more attractive. Rinse away all traces of peel, and wait until the skin is completely dry. Lubricate you looked into using a normal moisturizer and let this draw well before finding the self-tanning cream. Take your time and try to remember where you have rubbed in, so you do not rub the affected area twice. The result can be uneven.

Be careful at the crossings
Be careful with transitions between the face and neck and hairline. Use a cotton swab to make sure it is not rough at the nostrils and lips. Do you open your body; you must be very carefully between the toes and behind your knees?

If you want a more intense brown color, you can choose a self-tanning product that can be used in multiple layers. However, remember to wait a few hours before applying more. It can actually take a few hours before the color appears.

To keep the color
Wait a few hours after application before you take on the bright party clothes, since even tan ton products may stain fabrics. Furthermore, remember that you must be careful to wash your hands after you have received such products on the fingers.

Will you maintain your tan; you must continue to use self-tanning lotion a few times a week?