What to take when your constipated

Do you have tips for constipation?

When I string your carbs, which I "must" for the weight that should move in the right direction, I am so constipated. Fielding constipated. Three days is normal, but longer is not unusual; it's really uncomfortable.

Last system was emptied, was well on Tuesday. Since then it has just gone to a little on Friday and yesterday, but nothing of importance, so I'm starting to feel "stuffed" given ..

I know I can eat, for example. Something with lots of cream or cheese, it works almost always, but it is not at all comfortable when .. Tried with a spoonful of flax seed yesterday, which did not help at all. If at work this afternoon, so I dare not tricks with something new before tonight anyway, then.

Now, considering I almost drop by the store today, buy a disc or two of sugar Anton Berg, stuffing crazy with it to see if it helps, it is probably full of Melitol . But maybe not the best solution.