Dietary advice

Dietary advice when you have constipation.

When you have constipation, it is significant to choose foods that can put some speed in your intestines, in addition, it is important to drink a lot. Some foods you should steer clear. Read nutritionists advice for you here:

The most important advice is to drink a lot - at least two liters a day.

Drink like 1-2 glasses of liquid - preferably warm water - when you get up in the morning. The gut is, in fact, particularly active in the morning. Drinks followed by breakfast will initiate intestinal motor skills.

Eat small, regular and varied meals

Eat foods high in fiber, wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables

If you are not accustomed to eating high-fiber foods, gradually over this. For the abrupt transition can give you air complaints.

Go to the toilet when you feel urging. Do not suppress the body's natural signals.

Chill out!

Steer clear of the air-forming foods such as onions, cabbage and cauliflower, dried peas / beans.

Avoid white bread, cakes, sweet and fat biscuits, nice buns, bananas and milk

It prunes, sour milk and flaxseed can help.

The pharmacy can be found - the good tea to combat constipation.