Constipation Causes

Constipation - what can the reason be?

Medical term: constipation

Constipation can have many different causes. This is the most important:
  • Low physical activity.
  • Drying.
  • Tea in large quantities.
  • Fibre deficient diet.
  • Special medications (morphine, iron, antacid medications, blood pressure medications, diuretics drugs, drugs that act on the unconscious nervous system and drugs used for mental diseases).
  • That you have recently stopped taking medication stools after using them for a long time.
  • Hemorrhoids and wounds or tears in the anus - because you (consciously or ubesvisst) are reluctant to go to the bathroom.
  • That you have recently given birth - you are reluctant to go to the bathroom because it hurts to have a bowel movement.
  • Stress, travel and practical difficulties in being able to go to the toilet also contribute to constipation. Children and elderly are particularly dependent on regular routines around bowel habits.
  • Children are in a period defying the demand for pool time. It causes constipation, which makes it painful to have a bowel movement, which in turn enhances their discontent.
  • Cancer of the colon can cause constipation. Diseases of the nervous system can also lead to constipation, such as polyneuropathy, Parkinson's disease and MS .
Disease Signs
Infrequent bowel movements. You may know that the gut is emptied and the tightening of the stomach. The tension and the pain is especially on the left side. Where is the bottom part of the colon and rectum, where the intestinal contents are driest and most the same pressure?