Natural constipation treatment

Constipation treatment
Exercise and plenty of drinks is important. The diet should be fiber. In addition, you can eat a mixture of wheat bran, oatmeal and prunes with kefir milk or yogurt.

Flaxseed can be used in a short period. Such funds can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Powerful constipation treated with an enema. If symptoms have not been long, a mini enema is used, for example, Microlax ®.

Prolonged use of laxatives is not recommended. All laxatives have side effects, and eventually they will disrupt the body's own ability to regulate the bowel. It will end with laxatives after prolonged use, you must gradually take less and less, otherwise the intestines stop completely.

Constipation in pregnancy
Constipation during pregnancy is common. Some pregnant women use iron without it being necessary. Talk to your doctor. Exercise, drink, and fiber-rich diet are important, as in non-pregnant women. Many laxatives can stimulate the uterus, and must not be used. The significant constipation, there are some funds that can be used with caution. Ask your doctor.

Sudden change in bowel habits
Constipation has occurred suddenly, the reason for further investigation. Book an appointment with your doctor.