Pregnancy 7 weeks

Pregnancy and birth:

Fetal age: five weeks

The facilities for hands and feet are now minute buds and at the end of the next hand. there are small grooves that will develop into fingers. The head grows much this week because the brain is growing rapidly. The length of the embryo is now about. 10 mm.

You might feel weak and have increased need for sleep. It is normal to have frequent urinating. The reason for this is that hormonal changes in your body affects kidney function and that the growing uterus presses already a little on the bladder.

Indigestion with constipation, bloating, heartburn and nausea are common complaints. They caused all the hormonal changes in your body. Try a bit and find out what can relieve your ailments.

Many people find it helps to have served a biscuit or toast and a cup of tea in bed before standing up. This can often prevent the nausea. A few extra pillows under your head can help with heartburn. Plenty of drinks and movement can be started intestines.

It is possible to treat nausea with acupuncture and acupressure. Many benefits of ginger as antiemetic.

There are also medications you can take if you are very troubled and unable to overcome the problems with simpler means. You may then ask your doctor for advice.