Pregnancy 9 week

Labor and birth:

Fetal age: 7 weeks

The small embryo is moving cautiously now, but you can unfortunately not notice it yet. The head is large relative to the rest of the body. More body parts are now recognized; fingers are clearly present, but they hang together as a fan. The external genitalia began to emerge, but it is still impossible to determine the gender by ultrasound.

You probably have the same symptoms with nausea and constipation. Some feel a strong aversion to certain foods and smell, maybe you feel the urge to wash out of the drawers and cupboards to clean up. Follow your instincts!

Your breasts are still sore, and the surrounding area brystknoppen may become darker. They are maturing and getting ready for the great task they will soon face. The breasts are growing the most in the first few months; middle of pregnancy, they are not as sore anymore, and increases usually not in size. Immediately, after delivery, however, they looked even bigger, virtually mature and can be felt almost bursting and milk sprinkled.

Maybe you feel terribly tired and slightly bored. Remember to pay attention to your body to sleep on a little extra and nurturing yourself. Many will handle it all better if they can share concerns and problems with their partner. This is admittedly not for everyone; some women think that men do not understand the traces of what is happening. However, most men will take part in the woman's pregnancy is certainly better equipped to be of help, and will easily be able to feel that pregnancy also affect them.